PharmAbbie is satisfying the growing demand for therapeutic medications for dogs and cats.

We are developing effective medications for the growing pet market, which can easily be administered to pets without hassle and stress.

Effective solutions:

Our products treat maladies such as pain, diarrhea, dermatology and cardiovascular issues.


Happy Pets:

Our medicines taste good, creating less stress for our pets and making pill time synonymous with treat time



High Demand vs.
Low Availability

Animal health companies face multiple challenges and therapeutic medications for pets are in high demand

Many established companies focus research and development on parasiticides and life-cycle management, leaving a deficit of available therapeutic medications.

Due to this lack of availability, many veterinarians have to rely on generic forms of human medications, which are inaccurate dosages for companion animals

Pet owners want effective medications which are easier to administer, reducing stress for these animals and their owners.


A Portfolio of new medications with pets in mind

At PharmAbbie, we use a platform of proprietary technology to create a portfolio of new medications to treat conditions such as pain, diarrhea, dermatological and cardiovascular issues.

By investing in contracts with existing laboratories and manufacturers, we innovate and produce in-demand medications at a low cost while focusing many of our resources to gaining FDA approval.

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